Raised from the Marshes of North Essex, with 30 years as a family Doctor in South Norfolk, landscapes of place and mind are a formative influence for me. Following paths and tracks, seeing colour and light falling across landscapes then dwelling on details, the exploring mind can be followed.

My hand and eye are now challenged to respond, capture and express where the mind has been.

My pictures are a developing expression of the journey I am on.


I very much value your comments and feedback!

I will be using these pages to share new paintings with you through recent works. The site also shares much of the work and learning on my painting travels. Particularly over the year at Norfolk Painting school 2015-16 achieving a Diploma in oil painting under the guidance of Martin Kinnear.


Our diploma group has formed into an ongoing artistic group, with a website



This Painting, oil on cardboard, is the picture I painted to take to the first Diploma day. Showing where I was on my journey, setting off down an unknown path with loads of colours into a landscape of opportunities. 

A great benefit from an enforced layoff (dislocated and damaged right shoulder) is the opportunity to review, sort and look again at what I am thinking and how this may be reflected in my painting.

This website is evolving from this process as a record of my journey.

I more clearly see the importance of my subjective engagement with Place.

As well as continuing to develop skills and technical aspects of paint application, I will be exploring deeper within my evolving approach to landscapes and the stories they hold.



July 2016

Diploma in oil painting from Norfolk Painting School.

Feb 2017

West Ox Art Gallery, Bampton, Monochrome – Group Exhibition

March to April 2017

Red Lobster Gallery, Sheringham, Awakening – Group Exhibition

May 2017

New British Art Gallery, North Creake, Diploma show

May 2017

Norfolk Open Studios, Red Lobster Gallery, Sheringham, Group Exhibition